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Welcome Gifts

You will always be at your disposal as detail these products of the area:

  • A loaf of village bread made in a wood oven.
  • Plate of leonine sausage. Sweet and spicy chorizo. Sausage. Loin. Dried meat. Ham.
  • A few bottles of wine from the area.
  • A dozen eggs from my ecological hens.
  • Some product of my organic garden, seasonal.

Inside View

Why BookfromHere

There is a Difference

NO Service Fee for booking!

This IS COMPLETELY an Owner Direct Website.

*Other sites charge as much as 12% "service fee" for booking!*

Welcome to Casa Canalba.

I am a place to breathe, to smell, to taste, to rest, to recreate my sight and my senses. I am a place to live in peace, to enjoy the tranquility and why not, to dream ... 

I am that house in which I invite you to fill with delight for the simple things, for the light, for the green of my garden, for the haven of peace that my centennial olive tree presides over and fills all the space, for the music of the fountain whispering in the pond. 

I am a space that will make you happy. It's me for you and you for me. 

I am the union between the rural and the modern, without detracting from one to the other, but combining both concepts so that you will be welcomed with pleasure and your spirit will be comforted in this tranquility.

I am the heat of the fire, the light of the flame and the pleasure of seeing you illuminate while you consume yourself, delighting my senses.

I am more than a rural house. I am and I have a soul. And I would like to share it with you. Here I am. I offer myself to you. I am poetry wrapped in walls, stone, wood and nature.

I am what I am. I am yours.

Area of Attractions

Museum of Leon

Museum of Leon

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Plaza del Grano

Plaza del Grano

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